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male.18.writer.bi.student.dork.fan of: fantasy; sci-fi; anime; music (Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice & Men, A Day To Remember, Woe, Is Me, A Skylit Drive, etc.); philology; Shakespeare; Poe; Thoreau; Milton; Spenser; Whitman; dance; mythology; ambiguity...


I’m more into foreplay than I am the actual act. Kissing, cuddling, grinding, groping. A man with a firm touch is always loved. I’ve tried hooking up, too, and I find it hard to enjoy that, or I’ve just never had a good hookup! I am not sure if I’m really answering the question, though. @.@


You know, Guardians of the Galaxy was not the first film I’ve watched in which Vin Diesel voiced a character that barely spoke and yet destroyed me with a single line of dialogue

need I remind you


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